Fish are people too save Florida's ecosystem give fish a home be part of the solution florida fish rescue Welcome to Florida Fish Rescue. Excuse our mess we got hacked by ransomware and are rebuilding.

Please consider donating we need your help

Daily Needs

We desperately need your help! Our electric bill has spiked to over $600 durring the cold snap and we are spending over $150 a month for feeding. Our water bills are outrageous as well. We can not continue without your help. Please, please, please donate to keep us running.

Our Outreach

We donate fully stocked tanks to Veterans with injuries and PTSD so they have something to focus on and take their mind off their troubles, we also donate to students and the elderly in need of companionship. Please donate if you would like to help us help others.

Rescue Pickups

We get calls to pick up fish all over the state and transportation is always difficult. We're currently driving to pick up fish in a 2002 Daewoo or begging our friends with trucks to help when the fish are too big for our little car. We need a little box truck. If you have one you can donate that would be great, otherwise please chip in a few bucks towards the fund.

Two locations to serve you


We always need volunteers. We need dedicated fish people like you to help pick up surrendered fish, help keep surrendered fish that we don’t have room for, help with water changes and general maintenance, help with building DIY filters and tanks, help fund raise, shoot video. Whatever your skills we will put them to good use. Click the button below and let us know you would like to volunteer. 

We can’t help if we don’t know where help is needed. Please contact us before releasing fish in Florida’s ecosystem

Fish Rescue

Sometimes you just can't keep your tropical fish. Maybe you're moving, or you're redecorating or you just can't take care of them anymore whatever your reasons we'll adopt them.

Adopt a fish

Looking for new fish for your tank but the pet store has a limited variety? We have some amazing fish that need a new home and our experts can help you choose.

Fish Medics

So you have a fish tank that's going sour and you know those fish are going to die if someone doesn't intervene. Don't let that happen call us first. We'll try to help you resolve the problem.

Foster Tanks

Wish you had an aquarium but don't want the hassle of monthly cleaning, changing water, dealing with illness? Foster a tank from us. We do all the work.

Frogs, Turtles, and Newts

Aquatic animals are our specialty and sometimes they need a safe place to go too. We will home those little four legged swimmers too.


We design some of the most amazing aquariums you have ever seen from landscapes to tiny habitats. These beautiful tanks will blow your mind. Adopt a whole tank ready for home or office.

Custom Aquariums

Ever see the show Tanked on T.V. yeah we do that as big or small as you can afford.

Tax Writeoffs for donations

Need a tax writeoff this year and love fish? We are a 501(c)3 in good standing and will give you a receipt for your valuable donations.

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Foster a tank for your business. Get the beauty and none of the work.

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