Save the rescue, save the fish

Florida Fish Rescue has recently been hit with a massive setback, the loss of our property. Our home of 20 years also our family home for the last 60 years has been sold by a family member we misguidedly trusted with the deed of our property and respect for our family. Some lessons are hard learned. Even though we are a charity organization we usually fund the rescue ourselves and rarely directly ask for donations, but that has to change for the moment because this time we can't do it without you. We have a plan and if we raise the needed amount we will just barely squeak by with a piece of property and mobile home we can call home and address of FFR until we are able to upgrade. it's going to mean even more driving and less access to the local fish stores and supplies but it will be better than the alternative, having to close our doors and stop doing the service we are committed to do. We have done and are continuing to do all we can to keep the rescue afloat but this time we can't do it without you. Please dig a little deeper in those couch cushions for a little extra and help us keep serving you and the community.
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